Located nearby the town of Bijagua we encounter the marvelous Altura de Tenorio an operating ranch suited in the shadow of two volcanoes, Tenorio and Miravalles. With a total of 950 hectares (2,347 acres), the property enjoys an enviable location with amazing views of the volcanoes and the Nicaraguan lake on clear days. Its greatest attribute is its natural resources. Abundant water flows through the farm via the beautiful rivers Tenorio and Frío. Additionally, the precipitation from the Atlantic allows year-round lush grasses for grazing in the improved pasture lands.

With approximately 800 head of cattle, the ranch has an ongoing operation concentrated on the beef cattle ranching industry. The preferred breeds for this type of industry are Cebú and Simmental due to their genetics. The ranch has the capability to hold up to 2,000 head of cattle. The location, climate, and soil conditions are also ideal for daily operations.

The infrastructure of the ranch consists of corporate offices, a manager’s house, stables, machinery, equipment facilities for storage, and worker housing.

– Pastures:

  • Brizantha Toledo
  •  Maximum Mombasa
  •  African Star
  •  Ratana
  •  Taner

 Historic Activities:

  • Macadamia Plantation and Processing
  • Pineapple Experience
  • Highland Banana Plantation
  • Cattle Farming

– Operations:

  • 700-800 head of cattle
  • Beef cattle farming
  • Milk producing

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