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  • For Sale
    Playa Barrigona Beach Front Estate

    Nicoya, Guanacaste 50205 Costa Rica


    Wonderfully private, the villas on Playa Barrigona command a hilltop setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean and offer generous living spaces, superb comfort, stunning views,...

    • Parking4
    • 1,630,517 (17,550,747 sqft)
    • TypeEstate, Land/Lot, Ranch/Farm, Villa
    1 year ago
  • For Sale
    Hacienda La Pacifica In Cañas

    Cañas, Guanacaste 50601 Costa Rica


    Hacienda La Pacifica is one of the most prestigious and renown properties in Costa Rica, with a rich history dating back to 1885 when...

    • Parking10
    • 6500 Acres
    • TypeRanch/Farm
    1 year ago
  • For Sale
    Tropical Buffalo Ranch In Los Chiles

    Guatuso, Alajuela 21401 Costa Rica


    Tropical Buffalo Ranch with Modern/Lucrative Dairy Facility – A Spectacular Business Opportunity Over 1000 hectares This is a unique opportunity to acquire a turnkey...

    • 10,000,000
    • TypeLand/Lot, Ranch/Farm
    1 year ago
  • For Sale
    Sold – Alturas Del Tenorio In Bijagua

    Guatuso, Alajuela 21501 Costa Rica


    THIS PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD Located nearby the town of Bijagua we encounter the marvelous Altura de Tenorio an operating ranch suited in the...

    • 9,000,000
    • TypeLand/Lot, Ranch/Farm
    1 year ago
  • For Sale
    Florida Del Pacifico In Playa Lagarto

    Playa Lagarto, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste 50306 Costa Rica


    Expansive Ocean View Teak Plantation with 7 bedroom Estate Home Florida Del Pacifco is a one of a kind, ocean view teak plantation located...

    • Bed7
    • Bath6
    • PetsYes
    • Parking3
    • Lot Size(7,642,376 sqft) 710,000 m²
    • CommunityPlaya Lagarto
    • TypeRanch/Farm, Single Family Home, Villa
    1 year ago
    Sold – Selvatico Waterfall Garden In Alajuela

    Vara Blanca, Alajuela 40105 Costa Rica


    THIS PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD Above the Central Valley of Costa Rica lies a stunning corridor of rainforest that is home to some of...

    • 65.7 acres (26.6HA)
    • TypeLand/Lot, Ranch/Farm
    12 months ago

Ranch/Farm for sale in Costa Rica

A single-family home allows you to enjoy the “Pura Vida” lifestyle with a touch of luxury at home and numerous amenities such as a private pool, garden, garage space, stunning views & more.

You’ll have the ability to welcome various members of your family/friends with various bedrooms and bathrooms.

A single-family home is an independent residential structure that sits on its own land and is designed to be used as a single dwelling unit, having just one kitchen, unshared walls, and unshared utilities.

Perfect as a vacation home, permanent home for residents, or even rental investment, single-family homes are the most popular property type in Costa Rica.

Discover the Costa Rica lifestyle. A new lifestyle filled with adventure, beaches, river valleys, biodiverse wildlife as well as restaurants, bars, and luxe hotels. The country has gained in popularity as an amazing destination over the last years. 

If you are looking to relax and take a step back from your city life & routine, Costa Rica is for you. Go swimming and surfing, relax on the beach, eat delicious food at great restaurants, get a massage, go hiking on the volcanoes, the list would go on for a while. Costa Rica Christie’s will help you find your piece of Paradise in Costa Rica. 

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