Jean-Pierre Boustany

Agent Christie’s Real Estate
New York, USA
English, French and limited proficiency in Spanish.

About Jean Pierre

Originally from New York, Jean Pierre (JP as his friends refer to him) moved to Chicago in the  1980’s after earning a BA in Film and Cinema from The Ohio State University. He worked in the  film industry for many years with his dad, Paul. In the late 1980's, he was given an opportunity to  enter into a finance career as a trader analyst, a position which he accepted and still holds today.  JP's successful career never hindered him from pursuing several of his passions, including a  board position for Boustany Film Company and maintaining a professional photography company. 

However, it is important to mention a college vacation in the 1970's that would change his life  forever. Travelling to Costa Rica for the first time, his love for the tropical paradise changed  everything. After two decades of mostly tourism activities, he made his first real estate investment  in 1994. From that point, he made dozens of investments that culminated with an equity stake in  Marina Flamingo, one of the most important tourism projects in the history of Guanacaste, Costa  Rica.  

In 2016, he formalized his professional real estate career by obtaining his Brokers license and  becoming an agent at Christie’s International Real Estate in Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica  (Coldwell Banker in Chicago). JP’s understanding of the “pura vida” lifestyle and his knowledge  of Costa Rica consultants in legal and accounting will help you find your paradise while eliminating  any worries and hassle, as he has done for many clients. JP’s attention to detail and his  commitment to relationships have made all of the difference and will do so for you as well! 

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